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Welcome to the best dolphin travel website. We are a professional dolphin tour organization. Our boat captain is a fisherman with decades of marine experience.

Service and comfort for you is our top priority. 

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Morning trip to enjoy dolphin attractions in Lovina sea. You will be treated to beauty at sunrise, along with extraordinary dolphin attractions. Our boat is big so you can relax and enjoy the morning view.

The next trip is to swim with the dolphins. With clear water and beautiful natural sea. You will see the attraction of dolphins under the sea.

You will also be invited to snorkel at the best coral reef spots in Lovina. The water is very clear with the beauty of coral reefs. You will swim with many ornamental fish, such as anemone, blue and yellow tang, butterfly fish and other reef fish. Also there are some blue stars, and turtles. we have two spots for snorkeling


Dolphin tour

on the way to watch dolphins you can see in this section If you start 06.00am, you can see beauty of Sunrise with enjoy to see attraction of dolphin.There are many species of dolphins, bottlenose, whales, long snouts, johns, and others, and they are usually grouped by species.

Swimming with the dolphins

You will enjoy the activity of being pulled by a boat while seeing dolphins in the water. you will feel amazing do this.The water is very clear and beautiful, so you will clearly see the hordes of dolphins in the depths of the sea.


Snorkeling at the best spots on this coral reef can be your next list, because you will be treated to lots of ornamental fish and can swim with them.The depth of the snorkeling spot is only around 3-5 meters. The water is very clear and there are many types of fish and decorated with beautiful coral reefs

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