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Watching Dolphin with Sunrise

 01 .   Private Boat

price 600k/ 2 person

  A private boat tour is a boat that you don't share with anyone else. Just you and your partner. It's great for privacy, as well as for families with kids. Departure time can be adjusted. The ship's location is at Lovina Beach and the meeting time is around 06.00 - 07.30. The boat can also pick you up at the beach near your hotel in the Lovina Center area. But sometimes during low tide it is not possible. The price is 700k for a maximum of 2  participants.  Pick-up by car will incur an additional fee depending on the pick-up location.

Departure time options:

. Starting at 06.00 you can see the sunrise but it will be busy at sea because of the many boats

. start at 8am missed sunrise but less boats in sea.

. Maybe to add to the program swimming with dolphins and reef snorkelling. Request more info.private boat 700k/ boat maximal 2 people including breakfast at water mineral and snorkeling gear equipment.Including bali breakfast,such as bali coffee, tea fried banana n mineral water.snorkling gear equipment.lifejaket

02.   Sharing Boat 

price 100k/person

 Boat sharing is a group tour. You will share the boat with other people. Boat sharing has exact schedule. cannot be combined with 'swimming with dolphins' but can be combined with lovina snorkeling. boat departure time at 6 am assembly location at lovina beach at 5.45 am. we do not pick you up at your hotel. pick-up service is available upon request. for this option, participants are at least 2 people.

tour duration is about 2 hours, start at 6am finish around 8am.

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Swimming with Dolphin

.  1 person 150k watching,swiming with dolpin

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Snorkeling at Coral Reef


150kperson 2 sport

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